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synthetic detergentsynthetic detergent

most 'soaps' are not soap but synthetic detergent!

usually these products are labeled as beauty, facial, or cleansing bars, and sometimes even as soap.

synthetic detergents - 'syndets' -  are made from petroleum or adulterated 'plant based' products and consist mainly of surfactants, foaming agents and alcohols. since these chemicals have a disagreeable odour, detergents are usually heavily scented with cheap, synthetic, artificial fragrances.

syndets also contain preservatives and antibacterial agents so that they do not spoil. all these chemicals are frequent causes of allergic reactions, penetrate far below the surface of the skin, and reside in your body tissues.

the most common type of preservative (parabens) was recently found to be present in breast cancer tumours. while this does not mean that these preservatives actually cause cancer, their presence in the tumours is disturbing enough.

one facial bar manufacturer has a 'hypo-allergenic formula' approved by 'a dermatologist' that has as the primary ingredient the chemical that causes the most allergic reactions in people of all the chemicals present in cosmetics today (TEA-triethanolamine). does that sound like false advertising?

nearly all commercial bar soaps contain 'tetrasodium EDTA' this is an endocrine disruptor - not in our bars!


soap versus synthetic detergent!