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harakeke flowerharakeke flowerphormium tenax -harakeke

the first european traders called it 'flax'.

harakeke was the name given to this plant by maori.

still called flax today - but harakeke is really a lily.

it is unique to new zealand and is one of our oldest plant species.



harakeke gelharakeke gel

harakeke gel - one of our hero ingredients!

at ecobeings we have our own processing plant for 'harakeke gel' we do not use glycerine as a carrier with only 5% of active gel and we do not make an extract from the leaves. our gel is pure!

anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, anti-acne, skin softening, healing.






harakeke seedsharakeke seeds

harakeke seeds

seeds are wild harvested in late summer.

crushed seeds are used as an exfoliate within the bar soap.


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