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pentesodium pentetatepentesodium pentetate

pentesodium pentetate

a mild chelating agent that helps preserve the moisturising oils in our bar soaps.

it is incorporated in less that 0.1%

a much safer alternative than EDTA



peppermintpeppermintpeppermint essential oil

the health benefits are:

stress:- peppermint is able to provide relief from stress, depression and mental exhaustion. its refreshing nature is also effective for relief against anxiety and restlessness.

pain relief:- the presence of calcium antagonism in peppermint essential oil helps relieve pain. its cooling ability helps reduce fever.

immune system:- peppermint oil improves your immunity and helps in preventing a number of diseases.

hair care:- very useful for cooling the scalp and removing dandruff and lice.

skin care:- peppermint oil contains menthol which is good for the skin. it nourishes dull skin and improves oily skin.


potassium cocoatepotassium cocoate

potassium cocoate, saponified coconut oil

liquid soap made from coconut oil

used in our eco-castile & ecobasik ranges





potassium olivatepotassium olivatepotassium olivate, saponified olive oil

liquid soap made from olive oil

used in our eco-castile & ecobasik ranges




potassium hydroxidepotassium hydroxide

potassium hydroxide, lye, KOH

a toxic product in its raw state. an alkali.

when combined with oil or fat saponification occurs. saponifiable substances are those that can be converted into soap.

oils or fats that are saponified with potassium hydroxide create a liquid soap.

all oils and fats have their own saponification levels.

each soap recipe needs to be calculated accurately so that there is no active lye remaining once saponification has taken place.

moisturising properties come from ‘un-saponifiables’ within the chosen oils.


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