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a popular ‘moisturizing’ brands descriptiona popular ‘moisturizing’ brands description


pH balance

factors such as gender, part of the body, time of day, age, diet, ethnic origin, health, and the environment affect the pH of the normal secretions of the skin.

so why the marketing hype about ‘pH balanced’?

detergent soaps and shampoos have a lower, more acidic pH than “true” soap products.

companies are continually trying to find ways to convince the public that their products are what you need. if they claim that your skin is “acid” and their synthetic detergents, etc. are acid, then their products must be better for your skin. it sounds logical. remember, skin does not have a pH as it is not a solution.

a product's pH is not the real danger to your skin (between pH 5 & 10). the synthetic detergents and other chemicals used in soaps to alter the pH are damaging.

they can be drying for the skin and prevent the skin from managing its own pH balance. many of us are very sensitive to these synthetic additives and detergents.


what is pH balance?