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all purpose cleaning soapall purpose cleaning soap

ecobasik™ all purpose cleaning soap 

will do multiple jobs with only a microfiber cloth as its best friend.

cleaning the house is a job that usually requires numerous products, gloves and a respirator. not any more.

to make sure work surfaces are clean just spray & wipe. for more stubborn grime spray, leave 10 minutes and then wipe.

can be used on walls, sinks, worktops, vehicles etc. can also be used to spray on grimmy spots on clothing/laundry before being put in the wash.

great on the bacon pan to degrease!

n.b. always do a test in a small, inconspicuous area to avoid any damage


ingredients - water, potassium cocoate, sodium bicarbonate, orange essential oil. 



liquid dish soapliquid dish soap

ecobasik™ liquid dish soap

hand dish washing without chemicals - the advantages are huge, disadvantages minimal.

a few points to note about hand dish washing with soap.the whole family can now do the washing up without having to tolerate toxic fumes. no need to worry about getting your hands in the washing up water. even without rinsing you can be assured there will be no chemical residue on your plates/cookware.

  • minimal suds will be present - you don’t need bubbles to clean.
  • water may be cloudy due to natural minerals present in water.
  • soap scum will occur but should stick to sides of sink not items being washed.
  • rinsing is recommended to achieve a sparkling and squeaky clean.
  • for best results use ecobasik™ rinse aid, especially with hard water.
  • when finished, wipe sink with cloth to remove soap scum and rinse cloth out with a drop of ecobasik™ liquid dish soap.
  • if no gloves are used, please follow with a hand cream to maintain optimum moisture in your skin.

ingredients - potassium olivate, potassium cocoate, orange essential oil.


powder dishwasher soappowder dishwasher soap

ecobasik™ powder dishwasher soap

machine dish washing without chemicals - so wonderful to open the door/draw without an over powering plume of synthetic fragrance.

for tank water supply sprinkle 1 tablespoon (15g) of powder on top of dishes. this will allow the product to dissolve and start working quickly to soften and remove dirt.

amount of product used will need to be amended for water type. less in soft water, more in hard water. always follow with ecobasik™ rinse aid.


ingredients - sodium carbonate, sodium tetraborate, sodium chloride, sodium cocoate, citric acid, orange essential oil.






dish washing rinse aiddish washing rinse aid

ecobasik™ dish washing rinse aid

1 tablespoon (15ml) of product should be placed in a small tub/glass on the top shelf of the dishwasher. the rinse aid compartment is designed to release only small amounts of concentrated chemicals. this design is not sufficient to give your items a good rinse.

great for hand washing glass. put 1 tablespoon (15ml) of product into bowl of warm water. after rinsing in this water glass and cutlery will be sparkling and squeaky clean as will all crockery.


 ingredients - white vinegar, sodium bicarbonate.







laundry powderlaundry powder

ecobasik™ powder laundry soap

the most efficient way to be sustainable with the laundry is to only wash items when they are dirty. less washing increases the life of the items, saves on water and product which, in turn, saves your ‘pocket’. most importantly by reducing the amount of washing you are saving the environment.

for both top & front loader machines sprinkle 1 tablespoon (15g) of powder onto the washing. 

there are a few things to keep in mind when doing the laundry without chemicals.

  • clothes/linen should smell of cloth not synthetic fragrances.
  • the warmer the water, the better the results. you can not wash greasy dishes in cold water. likewise you can not wash oily/dirty clothes in cold water without the use of chemicals. use the temperature guide from the items washing label.
  • for stubborn dirt you can pre-soak in an ecobasik™ liquid dish soap solution.
  • if you have ‘hard’ water more soap powder may be required.
  • using an acid fabric softener rinse helps remove soap residue from the washing machine and items washed.
  • if after using fabric softener rinse there is still soap residue on items then less soap powder is required.

ingredients - sodium carbonate, sodium tetraborate, sodium cocoate, orange essential oil or lavender essential oil.


fabric softener rinsefabric softener rinse

ecobasik™ fabric softener rinse

if after using fabric softener rinse there is still soap residue on items then less soap powder is required.using an acid fabric softener rinse helps remove soap residue from the washing machine and items washed.


ingredients - white vinegar, sodium bicarbonate, orange essential oil or lavender essential oil.   









multi use oxygen bleachmulti use oxygen bleach

100% natural oxygen bleach does not contain any synthetic detergents or fragrance. safe for you and the environment.


directions - pre-soak, dissolve 30g in a bucket of hot water, add items, leave for at least 30 mns. leave over night for heaviley soiled items. no rinse steriliser, 30g in 5l of hot water, leave for at least 30mins - will remove stains on crockery (tea) etc. can be used for cleaning kitchen, bathroom, wooden decks, clothes, cloth, net curtains, nappies + much more.


ingredients - sodium percarbonate

multi use oxygen bleach






ecobasik™ believes in transparency. all our products have their full ingredients list on the packaging. our most complicated ingredient is soap. all other ingredients are in their natural form.

we - humans - have been using soap for over 4000 years. synthetic detergents (syndets) have been in the home for just over 70 years. is it a coincidence that over the last 70 years allergies, asthmas & cancers have all increased tenfold?

the biggest problem to the new zealand environment, in our cleaning products, is phosphates. they are destroying our waterways. there is minimal legislation about the inclusion of phosphates. ‘environmental choice’, a government run, environmental accreditation company, allows phosphates in everything except hand dishwashing liquid. this means that products you believe to be helping the environment because it has a green tick may actually be harming it. some american ‘states’ have had phosphate bans in place for many years, europe put their ban into place in 2012, australia’s ban was implemented at the end of 2013. new zealand are not yet talking about one!

many companies use ‘plant based’ ingredients. these ingredients are better than ‘petroleum based’. they are from a renewable resource but despite their origin they turn into chemicals which are often irritants. sodium laurel sulphate is ‘plant based’. it originates from coconuts.

ecobasik™ products have undergone independent testing. the tests showed that all our products biodegrade at a rate that is equal to or exceeds a leading supermarket ‘environmental’ brand. even with this in mind we recommend that all our products go through a septic system (or similar) or be used at least 200 meters away from our waterways. they are surfactants and will change the surface tension of the water.

soap scum / hard water

not the problem we are led to believe. in simple terms soap scum is formed by excess minerals present in water. this can either be by the minerals in ‘hard’ water or the dirt that is removed from the body, dishes and clothing. what ever you are washing, if you have hard water, you will need to use more product to counteract the minerals present. installing a water softener will be advantageous not only for the cost saving of less product but the reduced cleaning required to remove the amount of soap scum. soap scum and lime scale buildup are not the same. soap scum is removed with an alkali - soap, and lime scale is removed with an acid - rinse aid. to remove dried on soap scum spray with ecobasik™ all purpose spray cleaner, leave for 10 minutes and then wipe with a microfiber cloth.

soap scum is an indicator to how dirty things are. it reminds us that everything needs rinsing. in chemical formulations you may not see the dirt as it is suspended in the water but it is still there. by not rinsing you are leaving not only chemicals on items but also dirt residue.