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sodium bicarbonatesodium bicarbonate

sodium bicarbonate, baking soda

sodium bicarbonate has literally hundreds of uses most of which have very little to do with baking!  baking soda, when added to bath water, acts to soften the skin. it also makes a great addition to body, face and and scrubs as it gently softens and smooths skin as well as exfoliating.

sodium bicarbonate is used in our ecobasik range


sodium carbonatesodium carbonate

sodium carbonate, washing soda, soda ash

a water softener which helps laundry detergents to lather more effectively particularly in hard water. the carbonate from sodium carbonate helps free soap molecules in hard water and increases their effectiveness.


sodium carbonate is used in our ecobasik range of powders.



sodium chloridesodium chloride

sodium chloride, salt

a water softener used to reduce mineral deposits.


sodium chloride is used in ecobasik powder dishwasher soap.




sodium cocoatesodium cocoate

sodium cocoate, saponified coconut oil

solid soap made from coconut oil - all natural glycerin content retained

sodium cocoate is used in ecobasik range of powders




sodium hydroxidesodium hydroxide

sodium hydroxide, caustic soda, lye, NaOH

sodium hydroxide is a toxic product in its raw state. an alkali. when combined with oil or fat saponification occurs. saponifiable substances are those that can be converted into soap.

oils or fats that are saponified with sodium hydroxide form a hard bar of soap.

all oils and fats have their own saponification levels.

each soap recipe needs to be calculated accurately so that there is no active lye remaining once saponification has taken place.

most bar soap recipes are ‘superfatted’ leaving excess oil, for moisturising, once the saponification process is completed.


sodium oleatesodium oleatesodium oleate

solid soap made from sunflower oil - all natural glycerin content retained.

used in our bar soaps.




sodium stearatesodium stearatesodium stearate

solid soap made from rapeseed oil - all natural glycerin content retained.

used in our bar soaps.




sodium tetraboratesodium tetraborate

sodium tetraborate, borax pentahydrate

sodium tetraborate in an alkali and must not be confused with boric acid.

borax is used for numerous applications in agriculture, construction as well as home and personal care products. in laundry powders it acts as a water softener, pH buffer as well as a bleaching and cleaning agent.

sodium tetraborate is used in ecobasik powders.



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